Skyline Helps Triangle Logistics Grow in Madison Heights

Triangle Logistics, rapidly growing fulfillment company in Madison Heights, Mich., found their operation hampered due to the need for a larger space. Their unique requirements put them in the middle of one of the tightest segments of the commercial real estate market in Southeast Michigan.

Triangle Logistics initially worked on its own to locate a commercial space but was slow to react, and due to the rapidly moving market, they found properties being secured before they could make a business decision. After several opportunities came and went, they turned to Skyline Property Group to take charge of the effort.

Using Skyline’s hands-on process, several choices that met their needs were quickly identified, verified and presented for consideration. “Skyline helped us secure a property to support our growth,” said the CEO of Triangle, and “we now see we should have started the search for commercial real estate with Skyline. If we had, we would have saved time and money as well as not missing some business opportunities.”

Skyline Congratulates Plex Systems for Their Success and Expansion.

Skyline is proud to have assisted Plex Systems in the acquisition of the commercial real estate needed to facilitate their ongoing growth. Plex will eventually expand to over four floors in the 900 Tower Drive facility in Troy, Mich., phasing in floor by floor over the course of the next three years. Plex provides comprehensive manufacturing ERP software functions that cover the total manufacturing enterprise.

Skyline Builds Complete Solutions

Skyline Property Group is proud to announce the completion of contracts launching the development of a new medical office complex for one of its clients. The complex will provide 8,000 square feet of space and will cost $1.5 million. Skyline put together the purchase of the real estate and as part of a total property strategy, will also take on the construction services for the project.